Basic English Speaking and Grammar

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The ‘Basic English Speaking and Grammar’ course offered by Online Class is an ideal program for individuals looking to enhance their English language skills and gain confidence in communicating effectively. Designed to cater to learners of all proficiency levels, this comprehensive course aims to provide a solid foundation in both spoken English and grammatical concepts.

The course is structured with a practical approach, emphasizing real-life scenarios and interactive exercises to engage learners actively. Through a series of well-organized lessons, students will develop essential speaking skills, including pronunciation, vocabulary expansion, and sentence formation. They will learn to articulate ideas fluently and express themselves with clarity and precision.

In addition to spoken English, the course delves into fundamental grammar rules, ensuring students grasp the intricacies of sentence structure, verb tenses, parts of speech, and more. Clear explanations and examples help learners grasp these concepts effortlessly.

The Online Class platform offers a dynamic learning environment where students can access video lectures, interactive quizzes, and downloadable resources to reinforce their understanding. Moreover, personalized feedback from experienced instructors allows students to track their progress and address specific areas for improvement.

By the end of the ‘Basic English Speaking and Grammar’ course, participants will have gained valuable skills to navigate everyday conversations confidently and use correct grammar effectively. Whether for personal, academic, or professional purposes, this course equips learners with the language proficiency they need to succeed in various spheres of life.

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What Will You Learn?

  • In 'Basic English Speaking and Grammar' course offered by Online Class, students can expect to gain a comprehensive set of skills that will significantly enhance their English language proficiency. This section provides a detailed overview of the key areas covered in the course, allowing learners to understand the specific knowledge and abilities they will acquire throughout their learning journey.
  • Spoken English Proficiency: Participants will develop the ability to communicate confidently and fluently in English. The course focuses on improving pronunciation, intonation, and word stress, enabling learners to express themselves clearly and be easily understood by others.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Through engaging exercises and practical examples, students will learn new words, idioms, and phrases to enrich their vocabulary. This expanded lexicon will empower learners to communicate more effectively and accurately convey their ideas.
  • Grammar Mastery: The course delves into the fundamental rules of English grammar, covering topics such as verb tenses, articles, prepositions, and sentence structure. Students will grasp these concepts, allowing them to construct grammatically correct sentences and written communication.
  • Conversational Skills: Learners will be exposed to a variety of real-life scenarios and conversational dialogues, honing their ability to engage in discussions, participate in group conversations, and handle everyday interactions with ease.
  • Listening Comprehension: The course includes listening exercises that train students to understand spoken English in various accents and contexts. This skill is vital for effective communication and building better connections with native speakers.
  • Writing Skills: Participants will improve their writing abilities by learning essential techniques for composing coherent paragraphs, essays, emails, and other written forms. Emphasis will be placed on proper grammar usage and structuring ideas logically.
  • Confidence Building: Throughout the course, learners will gain confidence in their English language abilities, which is crucial for overcoming language barriers and feeling at ease in various social and professional settings.
  • Practical Application: The 'Basic English Speaking and Grammar' course encourages practical application through role-plays, group activities, and language games, allowing students to put their newly acquired skills into action.
  • By the end of this course, students can expect to possess a strong foundation in English language and grammar, enabling them to communicate effectively, express ideas with clarity, and navigate diverse English-speaking environments with confidence and proficiency.

Course Content

Introduction & All Lessons
Each lesson incorporates a mix of spoken English practice, grammar explanations, vocabulary building, and interactive activities to engage learners actively and promote effective language acquisition. By the end of the 20 lessons, students will have acquired a strong foundation in English communication, grammar rules, and practical language skills, enabling them to communicate confidently in various real-life situations. Below is a list of 20 lessons covered in the 'Basic English Speaking and Grammar' course provided by Online Class:

  • 03:00
  • Greetings and Introductions
  • Pronunciation and Word Stress
  • Basic Sentence Structure
  • Nouns and Pronouns
  • Verb Tenses: Present Simple and Present Continuous
  • Describing People and Things: Adjectives
  • Asking and Answering Questions
  • Expressing Likes and Dislikes
  • Giving Directions and Locations
  • Talking about Daily Routines
  • Past Tense: Simple Past and Past Continuous
  • Talking about Hobbies and Interests
  • Expressing Future Plans: Going to and Will
  • Making Comparisons: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
  • Using Prepositions: In, On, At, By, For
  • Talking about the Weather
  • Expressing Possession: ‘s and Possessive Pronouns
  • Forming Questions: Wh-questions and Yes/No Questions
  • Conversational Role-Plays and Review
  • Quiz

Exercises that Teach

How English Works – A Quick Review

Simple Present Tense

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